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Our Passion

Our company, We Inspect, is passionate  about Waiheke. We are here to help property  owners provide safe and healthy rental properties.

The Government now requires rental properties to be checked and certificated to Healthy Homes Standards (HHS). We are here to help property owners gain their certification and offer reassurance that their properties are safe and secure.

With a little help and guidance, we assist landlords  to bring these properties up to the HHS.

It is a simple and time effective process with limited inconvenience to tenants. After an inspection a detailed report is issued outlining all areas that have been inspected and instructions on exactly what you need to do to bring your property up to  the HHS. If your property passes, certification will be issued within 48hours. If work is required we will return (no extra charge) to sign off completed work and issue the HHS pass certificate. From 1 July, a HHS certificate is  needed with any new tenancy, or renewal of a  tenancy. Call us to book or find out more.

Smoke Alarm Checks

Worried that your smoke alarms are in the right position or even in working order – unsure when they were last checked?

We have developed a smoke alarm service  and reporting system that takes all the guess work out. Once set up, you can  forget about this all important task. Our initial inspection maps out where your alarms are and where they should be, installation if required of additional alarms and checks for faults, as well as decibel readings at the nearest sleeping position. We then schedule and conduct annual checks to ensure alarms are still in working order and positioning.  You will receive a full report and replacement schedule. You can even call us, if they are sounding at the wrong times.

The cost of this  service is just $85 per year. Once set up, this will cover the cost of any alarms that we replace due to a fault of false alarm soundings.  (Conditions apply). Perfect service for home owners and landlords alike. 


Waiheke Island is not immune to the issues of Meth. Offering safe and clean homes to tenants should be an important part of any rental agreement. We Inspect offer Methamphetamine testing with instant and reliable results. The service consists of testing and reporting on at least 9 different locations throughout the home and out buildings.

Testing is also recommended when undertaking a pre-purchase property inspection.  This service gives the tenant and property owners peace of mind and will allow all to sleep well knowing they have a drug free home. Call us for more details. 

Property Maintenance Reporting:

Regular maintenance is the easiest and most cost effective way to keep your property healthy and sound.

Our Maintenance Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling services enable you to keep on top of all those little jobs and know what needs to be done and when. Our reports cover every aspect of your property and we will note and highlight all  issues that need attention, and give you a timeline and a list of what needs to be completed and when. This can range from a broken window hardware or loose toilet seat to a roof replacement. This service helps with budgeting for the work that needs to be completed. We Inspect do not undertake any of the maintenance allowing you to use your  own tradespeople. We also supply you with a list of Waiheke Trades that you can choose from.

In turn keeping a well-maintained healthy home for you and your tenants will assist with increasing the value of your investment and helps to maximize your capital gain.

Pre purchase reports:

We also offer Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale property reports for those looking to sell or purchase a property to live in or as a rental. Adding a HHS report to your pre purchase report lets you know if the property is good to go as a rental. Make sure you pick up next week’s Weekender to learn more about these and other reports that we offer.

Services that we offer:

      • Healthy Home Standard Certification
      • Pre-Purchase Inspections
      • Pre-Sale Inspections
      • Maintenance Reports

Maintenance Scheduling

      • Methamphetamine Testing Service and Report
      • Asbestos Identification Service
      • Smoke Alarm Service

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